Thinking of Architecture

Architecture Thinking is not about a neat building or a closed shelter. It is the thought process involved with necessity, an opening towards access to human needs and this access is one of the most fundamentally driven practices in today’s timeline. Architecture tells us that not always a technical question has a technical answer, sometimes there is the study involved and this study in architecture is the study of human thought, feelings and desire.

When talking about the concluded part, then it is a practice of imagination, called Thinking of Architecture.

Architecture is a cultural practice with deriving out the involvement of single instinct and converting it into an aesthetic and economic aspect. This is how this profession acts in accordance with passion. Talking about passion, how is it being stick to this profession, is proved by how each architect has dealt with it so far. And that is by making sense of what has been incorporated in design. Being an architect and designing new developments daily, has had an outcome of beautiful impressions in past, present and also making a viewpoint to the future instinct.

These impressions have their instinct depending upon the work assigned. However, not only about the only work assigned; it is the satisfaction an Architect tends to develop once he/she starts to derive fundamentals all human desires thorough their designs. Designing has had its influence on the viewer’s eyes but before that, it has been approved via designer’s satisfaction. Satisfaction is one sense that comes with patience, hard work-driven-inputs and a very mandatory scope to learn and implement. Architecture is so wide and so drastic, that mini-fields or sub-subjects of this profession do not come with any less effort-requirement.

When the combination of these dots joins, the upshot is what makes one to relate. Relating the art and architecture in the spot and ripple of any design. And unfolding to what was aspired within and so has been integrated in front.